real-estate-investment-company-w-p-carey_At W.P Carey, we had the opportunity of working with Carl Touhey on the purchase of a self storage facility in Northern California.His exception knowledge and understanding of transactions high and above the many other self storage brokers was very helpful to us to accurately underwrite our transactions and utilize realistic assumptions. Carl is very quick to respond, highly motivated and very aggressive.

Anne Coolidge Taylor – President

sobratoWe hired Performance Self Storage to sell 2 facilities for us in San Jose, and we were thrilled with our decision.  Carl and Jay followed through on everything they said they would do.  They were very accessible, thorough, knowledgeable and honest.  We would definitely use them again, and would highly recommend them to others.

Chase Lyman – Director

nicolIn short, our involvement with Carl has been quite positive and very rewarding. His years of experience (as both an owner and broker) and his exceptional knowledge and understanding of the micro and macro markets were instrumental in helping us to accurately underwrite our transactions and utilize realistic assumptions.  He also did a very good job of supporting our offers with sellers. Carl is responsive, motivated and appropriately aggressive.

David Simon

I wanted to take the opportunity to personally thank you and Carl for selling our storage facility. I had discussed the potential sale with a couple of other brokers, but I must say you and Carl were heads and shoulders above the other people I spoke with. Once we officially listed the property, your presentation of the property was great.

Jeff S. – Owner

I have been in sales and marketing myself with my own company for years I am familiar with acquiring real estate as we have purchase many rentals and commercial property. I have dealt with many sales people. I have to say that Jason worked diligently for me. He made sure that things stayed in focus and was absolutely the best I have seen at communicating.His constant reassurances, following up on details and being a voice of calm in times that have everyone a little wound up, made working with him a total joy.

Charlie D. – Owner